Tyler Mossman (Service & Parts Manager)

Tyler Mossman (Service & Parts Manager)

Impact Off-Road is a family owned business. Built over 20 years ago, it has been making bold strides through the various agricultural, horticultural, dairy, forestry sectors across New Zealand and internationally. In any company, it is an integral cog in the gear that its people believe in what they are doing. Chris McPhail, owner and chief of operations at Impact Off Road, sought out to find his missing links that would allow the company to expand, grow and flourish on the back of its already reputable reputation for another 20 years and more.

With a history in the Automotive Industry expanding for over 13 years, Tyler Mossman is an integral part in how the day to day operations are run at Impact Off Road. Tyler’s background reaches into industrial engineering and his experience working for Tony's Tires. Starting from the ground up, Tyler ended his tenure at Tony’s Tires with a resume of number one salesman and manager. With his highly sought after credentials, Chris McPhail along with Ian Anderson were able to get Tyler's signature and his journey working at Impact Off Road had begun. Tyler has now been working at Impact Off Road for roughly one year and has not looked back since.

Around work, Tyler's personality is always there to brighten up your day. With a wicked sense of humor and a jokester personality, he is always up for a laugh and keen on helping out wherever he can for the benefit of others. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys the outdoors. His love for hunting and fishing takes up most of his weekends and does not shy away from a social time with his friends.

Posted: Monday 18 October 2021


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