Josh Froneman (Marketing Co-Ordinator)

Josh Froneman recently joined our Impact Off Road Group having finished his Bachelor of Communications at the University of Waikato. 

Majoring in Marketing, Josh’s keen interests lay in advertising, branding and storytelling. During his time at University, Josh has built up a vast resume of part time jobs during his study. Starting off as a kitchen hand at The Lookout, The helm and Gothenburg restaurant to being a laborer at Fosters LTD. Josh finally managed to start his marketing journey as being a digital marketer for various companies such as CommUnity, Gails Floral Studio & Gails Of Tamahere, a digital Marketer for MotoXparts and now Marketing Coordinator at the Impact Off Road Group. As Josh makes his own strides as an advertiser, we look forward to watching his progress during his time here at the Impact Off Road Group. 

Being born in South Africa, Josh’s outlook on life is really reflected in his personality and perspective. With a friendly smile and driven mindset, Josh is the perfect fit for our company. Outside of work, Josh really loves hitting the gym, training and spending time with friends.  

Impact Off-Road is a family owned business. Built over 20 years ago, it has been making bold strides through the various agricultural, horticultural, dairy, forestry sectors across New Zealand and internationally. In any company, it is an integral cog in the gear that its people believe in what they are doing. Chris McPhail, owner and chief of operations at Impact Off Road, sought out to find his missing links that would allow the company to expand, grow and flourish on the back of its already reputable reputation for another 20 years and more.