Meet Cameron Barr (Sales Rep)

Towering at approximately 6.6 feet tall, Cameron Barr is a key member to our sales team at Impact Off Road. With only a limited 4 months donning the blues and whites, Cameron has made a huge statement around the north island in terms of his sales and service skills. Alongside his ability to close a sale, the 6′6″ salesman finds his way on the steepest slopes and wettest pastures demonstrating just exactly what the Impact Quadtruck can do. With a background in dairy farming and beekeeping, Cameron is both relatable when it comes to the muddy paddocks and sweet when it comes to his service. 

Outside of work, Cameron enjoys maintaining his bee hives at home, BBQing on weekends, spending time with his family and enjoying the outdoors. Along with his wicked sense humor, Cameron is always up for a laugh and creates a positive vibe on site. 

Impact Off-Road is a family owned business. Built over 20 years ago, it has been making bold strides through the various agricultural, horticultural, dairy, forestry sectors across New Zealand and internationally. In any company, it is an integral cog in the gear that its people believe in what they are doing. Chris McPhail, owner and chief of operations at Impact Off Road, sought out to find his missing links that would allow the company to expand, grow and flourish on the back of its already reputable reputation for another 20 years and more.