PurePower Fuel Treatment diesel bug and fuel conditioner

Impact Off Road Group is a proud retailer of Purepower New Zealand Ltd fuel conditioner tablets. A new product Purepower Fuel Conditioning Tablets are designed to improve fuel economy and promote more efficient fuel burn improving the environment and making for healthier operating equipment.  They do this by acting as a cetane and octane booster promoting a more stable and better fuel burn resulting in increased power due to full utilization of the stored energy (BTU's) in the fuel. It reduces CO, Nox, SOx, HC and particulates emission when the deposits have been reduced or removed. 

Purepower Fuel Conditioning Tablet is a Fuel Conditioning Catalyst in a Solid Form. It is totally Hydrocarbon compatible therefore is classified as a fuel conditioner and not an additive. In some instances additives can leave residue build up and can cause possible harmful emissions. Purepower is suitable for both Diesel and Petrol applications. Including 2 Stroke Petrol. It dissolves completely in all fuels.