Chris McPhail (Executive Director)

Chris McPhail (Executive Director)

The word family has been ingrained alongside the Impact Off Road brand since it’s start date 20 years ago. It has always been a family affair when Brent McPhail laid the foundation over the past two decades for its next successor to have a platform to build off of and make it their own. Chris McPhail, commander and chief of Impact Off Road has taken the reins of the company and launched it into its next stage of progress, growth and evolution. Chris’s early introduction into Impact Off Road was his keen interest in the family business in particular, the automotive industry. His first taste of what life would be like if the opportunity ever yielded itself was when Chris would find himself delivering trucks after his day was completed at school. 2009 saw Chris's integration into the business where his desire for success and keen eye for growth was conceived.

Chris’s passion for business and opportunity has bled into new ventures where he aims to take a hold of the 4x4 Off-roading market across New Zealand. He confidently places his brand in the next 5 years to be a household name in the 4x4 off-roading circuit, making waves as he services the kiwi public and an international audience to the very best parts, accessories and service. Although his attention needs to be divided between his business ventures, Chris still has a firm grip on what has gotten him to the place he is able to operate at now, the humble Impact 4x4 Quadtruck.

Successful leaders practice what they preach, are mindful of their actions and lead by example. From packaging boxes to making executive decisions, delegating responsibilities and being your typical hard working bloke, Chris McPhail possesses qualities that his team can all rally behind for the betterment of the company and make an Impact. Outside of work, Chris enjoys hitting the weights, keeping active, car racing and spending time with his son.

Posted: Thursday 25 November 2021


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