Roy Lapwood ( Parts & Service )

Roy has hit the ground running in his short time already. With his very friendly demeanor and joyful smile, Roy has been such an asset when dealing with customer calls and on-yard interactions. Roy's experience stretches over a decade within the automotive industry. Originally from Warkworth, Roy has gained experience working for Autopoint, BNT and recently, the Impact Off Road Group. He has also had a short stint working for Smith & Smith Glass. Outside of work, Roy enjoys spending time with his kids, commuting between Hamilton and Tauranga to see them. Roy enjoys the outdoors and spending weekends on the beach, and as he day proceeds you can find him in front of the television watching motorsports.

Impact Off-Road is a family owned business. Built over 20 years ago, it has been making bold strides through the various agricultural, horticultural, dairy, forestry sectors across New Zealand and internationally. In any company, it is an integral cog in the gear that its people believe in what they are doing. Chris McPhail, owner and chief of operations at Impact Off Road, sought out to find his missing links that would allow the company to expand, grow and flourish on the back of its already reputable reputation for another 20 years and more.