Bushtech Tray & Canopy System for 79 Series Land Cruiser

Bushtech Tray & Canopy System for 79 Series Land Cruiser
  • Bushtech Tray & Canopy System for 79 Series Land Cruiser
All new entrant to NZ's premium tray & canopy market is set to rapidly establish itself as one of the best available.
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Toyota Landcruiser Double Cab Bushtech Canopy Top. The Bushtech Aluminium Canopy has surpassed other attempts in the market and has therefore taken its place as a Superior Engineered Canopy. Bushtech takes pride in delivering a product with cutting edge design, prolific finish, and unbeatable strength. Our focus is to stay ahead in delivering a Superior product to the 4×4, outdoor leisure, and commercial sectors. Each canopy top comes with a 10 year frame warranty and we offer a full fitting service at our Hartlebury workshop at an additional cost. 

Despite boasting unheard of strength, Bushtech aluminiuim canopies are lighter than plastic & fibreglass canopies!

  • Typical weight just 65kg's. 
  • Tig welded construction is superior to canopies that bolt together. Much stronger. Supplied fully made up for instant install.
  • Premium OEM Quality Finish. Meticulously hand finished & showing no exposed welds, our superior Bushtech canopies are set apart from others by the incredibly high standard of their finish.
  • No ordinary powder coats. The highly durable, scratch resistant finish on Bushtech canopies needs to be seen to be appreciated.
  • Unrivalled frame strength permits full size gullwing side doors. Much bigger side access compared to others.
  • Door rubber seals are on the door, not canopy frame! This puts the rubbers safely out of harms way while you take advantage of the extra large side access.
  • Unique internal door bracing means you won't find rivets appearing crudely through the door skins of Bushtech canopies, as seen with cheaper South African canopies. On Bushtech canopies gas struts and door locks mount to this unique door bracing. Superior for security and superior dust ingress protection when driving in gravel and off-road situations.
  • Built Ready for Roof Loads. All our canopies come with heavy duty track on top as standard, ready to simply slide in one of our platform roof rack or load bar kits.

Bushtech Original Canopy standard Features.

  • Powder-coated aluminium frame available in White/Black/Dark Grey or Beige.
  • Powder-coated aluminium panels available in White/Black/Silver/Medium Grey/Dark Grey or Beige.
  • Tread or Smooth panels.
  • Fixed 4mm toughened windows in the front and rear.
  • 2 x Roof rails to mount roof racks, Load bars or tents.
  • Unique subframe profile allowing you to mount false floors, slides, and other accessories.
  • Pre laser-cut holes to run wiring for lights or accessories without the need to drill into the doors or glue cabling.
  • 4 x Fully slotted reinforced internal roof bars to easily attach standard M8 bolts or eye nuts (Suspend tables, cargo nets or solar panels from the roof)
  • Pressure equalizer vent with filter (Neutralizes pressure in the load box)
  • Roof top carrying capacity tested up to 2500kg.
  • Strong light weight design 65kg (Double cabs)
  • Mounting Points for all accessories.
  • Continuous dust proof and waterproof hinges.
  • Automotive door sealing rubbers placed on the doors to reduce damage when loading and off loading through the side doors.
  • Specialized door bracings mounted to the locks and shocks reducing door flex, dust ingress and providing added security.
  • Custom suspension base rubber to accommodate chassis flex and heavy roof loads.
  • Foundation to add the full range of accessories without the need to modify anything.
  • 2 x High quality gas struts per door.
  • Large pressure leaver locks with custom UV stabilized rubbers and tension adjustors (Key alike)
  • Rivnut free system used to mount accessories.

Tray will include as standard:

  • Under tray aluminium tool boxes 
  • Under tray trundle drawer with food grade stainless steel table top mounted on twin gas struts
  • Under tray mounted 75 litre water tank. 

Canopy will include as standard:

  • Fully reinforced canopy. No need to specify extra reinforcement for rear of canopy spare wheel carriers, side doors, or roof reinforcement to take robust hard shell roof tents. Bushtech canopies feature this as standard. 
  • Wind fairing on the front of the canopy
  • One rear canopy wall spare wheel mount is included as standard. Another can be optionally added.
  • Heavy duty roof tracks on top of the canopy. Add our load bar or platform rack kits by simply sliding them down the roof tracks.
  • Filtered pressure equalising vent


  • Fits Model: Toyota Landcruiser (Double Cab)
  • 10 YEAR frame warranty
  • Specially designed frame profile with a sleek and strong design (Load tested to 2500kg)
  • Laser cut panels using the latest CAD software and CNC machines
  • Seamless waterproof and dustproof hinges
  • Custom suspension base rubber specifically designed for heavy load and chassis movement
  • Unique subframe profile design to mount false floors and clips in multiple accessories
  • Strong UV stabilised powder coated frame and doors (Multiple colours available)
  • Uniquely designed roof rail allowing for a standard M8 bolt head or standard cargo loops
  • Pressure equalising vent to neutralise any negative pressure in the rear of the load box helping with dust
  • Internal reinforced slotted roof bars allowing users to suspend multiple attachments from the roof using a standard M8 bolt
  • Automotive door sealing rubbers are placed on the doors and not in the frame to prevent them from being damaged when loading and unloading
  • Doors have a specialised reinforced bracing to prevent door flex
  • Laser cut holes in bracings to allow cabling for lights etc. without drilling, glue or tape
  • LARGE electroplated push leaver locks with a key alike
  • All units come standard with a fixed front and rear glass

To suit: Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series


  • 10-year canopy service plan.
  • 10-year frame warranty.
  • 2-year warranty on components.

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