Motorcycle Oil 10w/30

Motorcycle Oil 10w/30
Maintains lubrication under extreme conditions. Increased anti-wear agents to minimise wear, designed for use in wet clutch applications. Anti-shear additives provide excellent viscosity and stability.
NZ$ 54.74 including GST
NZ$ 47.60 excluding GST
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Impact Off Road Group is a proud retailer of Aegis Oil. Aegis Oil is truly a New Zealand brand, manufacturing and distributing an unrivalled range of oil products, right here in NZ. Aegis Oil are the only oil company blending oils in NZ.

Offering lubricant solutions for all agricultural, automotive, forestry, marine, mowing and heavy machinery, the Aegis Oil brand can be trusted to protect your engines and equipment with its API specification lubricants – and at better prices than the imported labels.

 Aegis Oil make and supply a number of unique products farmers can’t find anywhere else. Aegis Oil, Managing Director, Paul Radisich, has used just about every lubricant label on the market through his motor racing career and now is proud to have the only NZ brand, keeping manufacturing and jobs in New Zealand with his company.  Impact Off Road Group are proud retailers of this product range.

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